Fri 30 September 2016

Clash Royale Hack How To Get Gold Faster

Posted by Valeria in misc   

Gold is one of the most necessary resources in Clash Royale, making it important to earn as much as you can as fast as you can. There are tons of ways to get clash royale hack gold fast and easy, however the easiest way is usually to open free chests, which often give an average of 80 gold per chest every four hours, a grand total of approximately 320 gold per day from free chests alone! Making sure to open these chests daily assures you earn quite a bit of extra gold.

Other methods of getting clash royale gem hack gold fast include donating cards to your clan; while you may be worried about donating your cards to your clan, these donations give 5 gold for common cards, and 50 for rare cards, which makes it an incredibly fast way to make gold. When you see requests for cards in your clan chat, regardless of what the card is, make sure to donate it. In addition to gold, you also earn EXP, which allows you to level faster, and earn more gold!

If these methods are too slow for you, you can always just buy clash royale hack gold in the shop. While this should be the last method you resort to, it’s still one of the best ways to earn gold quick. Simply check the shop for a pouch of gold (1,000 gold) for 60 gems, a bucket of gold (10,000 gold) for 500 gems, or even a wagon of gold (100,000 gold) for 4500 gems if you have the gems to spare. This can be expensive in the long run though, so only do it if you have to.